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Which Nooyo websites can you trust?
✔ ︎Ourofficial websites are

Can I use the watch exactly as before?
✔︎Yes! Our films are waterproof, but we recommend avoiding chlorinated and salty water for the first few weeks after application until the adhesive has dried completely.
You can clean your watch with a toothbrush and soap, our protective film will withstand this.

Does the protective film affect the appearance of my watch?
✔ ︎No, our protective film is almost invisible. After the first application of the film it may happen that the adhesive is visible, but this will disappear after about 5 to 10 days.

What is included in the scope of delivery?
✔︎Youwill receive everything you need to apply the protective film. An alcohol wipe to clean the watch, tweezers to apply the film and of course instructions.
Each order contains two sets, so that if something goes wrong there is always a reserve.

How long does the protective film last?
✔ ︎Untilyou remove it again. Some customers have been using their protective film for years without any problems.

How do I stick the watch?
✔︎It's easy! You get everything you need to apply the protective film. Each order contains two sets, so that if something goes wrong there is always a reserve. You have the choice to apply the film wet or dry, we give a recommendation in the supplied instructions.
Is there a possibility to have the watch pasted by Team Nooyo?
✔︎At the momentthis is not possible. You will receive everything you need with your order, so applying the protective film will be a breeze.

What happens if I want to remove the protective film again?
✔︎Just pullup one corner of the film and peel it off completely.
You can easily remove any adhesive residue with an alcohol pad.
The watch will look the same as before.

How is the protective film tested?
✔︎Duringthe development of our protective films, we test the products thoroughly. We conduct tests for many different criteria such as against scratches, water and chlorine.

How is the protective film manufactured?
✔︎Theprotective films are manufactured using a laser-cut method. This guarantees absolute accuracy of fit

Where is the protective film manufactured?
✔︎Allour films are manufactured in Germany.

Will there soon be a protective film for my watch?
✔︎Weare constantly working on new models and hope to offer a protective film for every popular model soon. If you don't want to miss any news, subscribe to our social media channels and subscribe to our newsletters.
What is CAPE COD?
✔︎CAPECOD is a polishing cloth for metals. You can use CAPE COD to get small scratches out of your watch.
How much are the shipping costs?
✔︎as long as you order from the European Union there will be no shipping cost.

How does the shipping work?
✔︎Asa rule, all orders are delivered within 3 to 8 working days. With your order on our website you will receive a confirmation email and a tracking number.
If you don't receive an email within the first 24 hours, don't worry. Our systems sometimes take a day to process your order, as we are constantly out of stock and our logistics can't always keep up.
If you have ordered 2 items from us, please note that they may arrive at different times in separate packaging. Therefore we ask you for a little patience.
Please contact us if your order does not arrive within 8 business days, only then we can track possible problems with our shipping partner.
We guarantee delivery by having you sign for the package when it arrives. If you choose the "leave in a safe place" option with the shipping partner, we do not assume any liability or responsibility for the package in this case.

Is there a right of withdrawal?
✔︎ Yes, because we are confident that you will be satisfied with our protective film. However, if you do not like the protective film, we offer you a 30-day right of withdrawal.

If you return the original item to us, it must be in an unused condition.
If the return comes without the original packaging, or is deemed unsuitable by our inspection team for any reason, we reserve the right to refuse a refund.

You want to return your order? Then please email our team at with your order name, order number, and the reason why you would like to return your order.

Our customer service team may then ask you some obligatory return questions. This will help us avoid people abusing our system.

You will be responsible for the return shipping costs.

Can I cancel the order after I have placed it?
✔︎ Once you have gone through the entire ordering process and confirmed your order, it cannot be cancelled. This is because our system immediately forwards orders to our fulfillment partner.
This procedure allows our customers a very fast delivery service.

Where will my package be shipped from?
✔︎ Your order will be shipped from our warehouse in Hannover, Germany. Our head office is also located there.
How do I use a discount code?
✔︎ Please enter your discount code at checkout. Note that you can only use one coupon at a time. Crossed out prices may reflect the discount code mentioned in the description.

How can you reach us?
✔︎ If you would like to contact us, please email us at Our customer service team is available Monday through Friday. 

We thank you for your trust.